Chamber music collegium "ARSMUSCA SHOUMEN"

Chamber music collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" is independent non-governmental youth culture organization, which was found in December 13th, 2002 in Shumen, Bulgaria.The founders of the collegium were students and lecturers from Shumen State University "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski", young music teachers in secondary schools (former students in University), artists by Shoumen philharmonic orchestra. A founder and a permanent conductor of the collegium is Juliana Panova – head assistant professor and lecturer of choir and orchestra conducting in Shumen State University. Presently 25 young singers and 5 instrumentalists are participating in the activity of Chamber music collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN". All singers are playing different instruments, too. The team of "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN is a leader in the sphere of youth projects in Shumen region.

Since 15 May 2005 the "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" has got own demonstration centre "Music album of United Europe" equipment with audiovisual and computer technique. This centre is permanent rehearsal hall of the "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" where young singers organize public events privy to the music of countries–members of European Union. All members of the collegium are informal studyingadditionally artmanagement and PR in the art. Since the establishment "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" performed over 200 music pieces at over 190 performances in different cities in Bulgaria and abroad - Czech Republic– 2003 and 2007; Hungary – 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008; Republic Serbia and Montenegro – 2003; Greece – 2004, 2009; Italy – 2005 and 2006; Lithuania – 2005; Kosovo – 2007; Rumania – 2007; Slovakia – 2007; Austria – 2007; Netherlands – 2008, 2009; Germany – 2008, 2009.

The "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" participated with success in17 (seventeen) national and international choral festivals and two international choral competitions. The collegium was awarded with Third prize in 21st International Choir competition Bela Bartok'2004 in Debrecen, Hungary and Third Prize of 29th International choir competition "Prof, Georgi Dimitrov'2007" in Varna, Bulgaria.

The collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" performs 16 different concert programs, but the basic vocal repertoire are the orthodox songs from Russian, Bulgarian and Greek composers compiled in the single concert program "Bless my soul, Father God", recorded in the congregation "Holy family" in Martinengo, Italy, on 27 and 28 July 2005.

On the next year in the town Kastel San Pietro Termi, (near Bologna, Italy) the collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" recorded another CD named "European sacred music". This CD included 12 sacred pieces by composers from different European countries.

Most interesting concert is a single program "The puff of the wind from Rhodopy mountain" ("New sound of folklore figures"), which includes authentic and arrangement Bulgarian folk songs.

On 25th April 2005 (The Day of the signing of the agreement between Bulgaria and EU) the collegium premiered a new concert program "Music album of United Europe" in the City Hall of Municipality of Shumen. Presently the concert program "Music album of United Europe" includes 28 songs – Anthem of EU and one song by each country – member of EU. The collegium produced complete CD and DVD "Music album of United Europe" in July 2005.

In the framework of the cycle concerts "European music heritage" "ARSMUSCA SHOUMEN" performed the concert programs as follow – "Sacred Mozart" (2006); "Diamonds in the snow – Jan Sibelius" (2007); "On the wing of the music – Jacomo Pucchini" (2008), "The last love" – Franz Schubert (2009). On 7th May 2009 the collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" premiered its first operetta – "Karmozinela" by German composer Viktor Holaender.The very interesting concert program is "Stairway to heaven", which includes 17 arrangement by Juliana Panova pop and rock songs,which was premiereon 3rd October 2009.

In the framework of the project "Strategy for the mobilization of local recourses" (2006 - 2008) the collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" supported the professional career of our singers. "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" established own centre for individual vocal training of the members and financed the participation of the singers in prestigious vocal contests in Bulgaria and abroad. For example "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" financed the participation of the singers - Natalia Gospodinova (soprano) and Stanislava Marcheva (mezzo soprano) in the 5th International Competition for sacred music in Roma, Italy since 2 till 7 October 2006. Presently Stanislava Marcheva is a soloist of Varna opera. Since 1st February 2009 soprano Prolet Pencheva (one more singer trained by Juliana Panova) began her professional career in the State Opera inStaraZagora.






Juliana Georgieva Panova

/Founder and conductor/


Juliana Panova, born in Targovishte, is MA graduate of the Bulgarian State Academy of Music "Pancho Vladigerov" as a student of Professor Lilia Giuleva. She is a founder and a conductor of the choirs in the churches "Sveti Ivan Rilski" and "Uspenie Bogorodichno" in Targovishte, Bulgaria. After its work in Switzerland and Austria since October 1996 she is an assistant professor and lecturer choir's and orchestra's conducting in Shumen University "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski".

She was also a conductor of the choir "Rodny zvoutzy", Shumen since 1996 till 2003. Since 13 December 2002 she is a founder and a conductor of Chamber Music Collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN".

She was a winner of first prize and gold medal of the Third National Sacred Music Festival in Veliki Preslav' 1998 with a church choir "Saint Ivan Rilski". With Chamber Music Collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN" she tacked part in 15 (fifteen) national and international choir festivals. She was a leader of vocal workshops in Sandnes, Norway as follow – "Specific of the conducting of orthodox music' 2006" and "Specific of the conducting of Bulgarian folk music' 2007".

She tacked third place in category chamber choirs in 21st International Choir competition "Bella Bartok'2004" in Debrecen, Hungary, at the participation of Chamber Music collegium "ARSMUSICA SHOUMEN". She is an author of several successful projects as "Five drafts from music album of the united Europe", "Music album of United Europe", "You and Me to create a Holyday", "My European voice", "The Voice of Bulgaria in Europe since antiquity and today", "European roots of Bulgarian vocal music" etc,

Juliana Panova is first Bulgarian citizen awarded honorary medal of Culture Academy Europa in Roma, Italy.

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